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Welcome to Recoveri - Canada

Welcome to Recoveri - Canada

Recoveri Tag What’s Yours is an innovative online system that allows you to register your micro dotted assets.

In the event of a theft and recovery, law enforcement will be able to trace undisputable ownership to you and return your asset with the help of this advanced technology.

Almost invisible, permanent microdots can be placed on all your valuable assets; the presence detected with an ultra violet ray torch and read with a Recoveri Microscope. Once your assets are microdotted, the assets’ information is uploaded onto a secure online database and is able to be tracked worldwide. The Database is a FREE service to all Recoveri clients.

The HOT DOT has become a popular feature and is used by Law Enforcement Agencies and Police worldwide. It allows quick access to information if a microdotted asset is recovered.

Recoveri products are environmentally friendly as they are water based and not made from any toxic properties like CFC’s that can be found in spray cans. Recoveri Microdots have a long shelf-life if the product has not been opened. Once opened the Microdot kits must be used within 3 months.

Recoveri microdots are easy to install and do not damage or change the appearance of your assets.